I am black. I am white. So What?


I am you.

I am black.  I am white.

I am Muslim.

So what?

I am ugly.  I am tall. I am dumb.  I am old.  I am fat. I am young.

So what?

I am Republican. I am rich. I am cold. I am deaf. I am afraid. I am tired.

I am weird.  I am disabled. I am scared. I am pale. I am happy. I am lonely.

So what?

I have stolen.  I have lied.  I have lived.  I have died.  I have hungered. I have lusted.  I have bullied.  I have inhaled. I have listened.

I have lingered too long.  I have left too soon. I have bragged. I have cheated. I have hidden. I have longed. I have loved. I have lost. I have cried. I have laughed. I have used. I have learned. I have smiled.

So what?

I am black.  I am white.

I am muslim.

I am human.

I am not words.

I am not actions.

I am love.

I am you.



For Neda.



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