Let’s Stop Arguing, and Let’s Start Listening.

Since the results of the United States election came out, I have taken a much needed break from Facebook. It was not the results that steered me away, but the constant fighting and disagreements that was going on. I witnessed people unfriending others who voted for a candidate they didn’t agree with, as well as family members not speaking because of their opposing views. Why are we still arguing?
Facebook is a wonderful venue for sharing our feelings, views and prayers for help. What a great way for all of us to unite together. We can reach so many in such a short time. But when we continue to argue for what we believe is our truth, and therefore assume this is everyone’s truth, this creates separation, and it is a no win situation.
The reason we each have our views is because of a myriad of factors. How we were raised, the experiences we have had, our socioeconomic, religious, ethnic, as well as so many other factors that go into our opinions. But that is just it, our own opinion is our own. The only one who needs to agree with our opinion is ourselves. When we try and convince another that we are right, we lose credibility.
Can you imagine a bird saying to a bear, you know I create nests, and I fly and I lay eggs, and why don’t you do this? You know this is really the best way to be, and if you are not doing it the way I do it, you are wrong. And the bear says, no that is incorrect. You need to give birth to live young and hibernate in the winter. If you do not do this, then you are wrong. And God looks down upon both the bird and the bear, and says, I have created both of you with a purpose; I have created you out of love. You are meant to be different. And through your differences, you will create harmony.
If we listened more to each other, respected each others opinions and had compassion for our differences, we may find ourselves reaching common ground a lot faster. We may find ourselves loving our differences. We may turn the attention back on ourselves and ask, how can we change my life? How can we make choices in my life that reflect love, compassion and honesty. How can we stop pointing fingers at the other side, and begin looking at ourselves and asking if we are truly happy? If we are truly unbiased in our views? If we are truly tolerant? If we are able to listen to another without wondering when it is our turn to speak?
Our country is changing. Our country is in chaos. But it is this chaos that brings us to a higher level of harmony. And it is this exact chaos we see out there, that we all feel inside of ourselves. It is this unworthiness that we project out onto the world. It is our own feeling of powerlessness that we seek to want our political candidate to change. Instead of looking at another and demanding they meet us on our floor, maybe we can have respect for the floor they are on? Our views are different because we are on different floors. It is not that higher is better, but how we do get to a higher perspective, is through pointing the finger back on ourselves. How can we be more loving, more tolerant, more honest? How can we make different choices in how we share my opinions and beliefs? Questions lead us to the stairs which enable us to walk between floors, understanding each other, instead of pointing our fingers.
Speak up when called to share your feelings and opinions. Yes, give your attention to a candidate you agree with, and want to help. You will never convince someone else on a different floor, that your floor is best. They need to walk up the stairs and decide for themselves what is their truth.
In the end, everything is here to help us. When another triggers us by pointing the finger at us, why not try taking a breathe and saying thank you quietly to ourselves. Then we can say thank you out loud. We are not saying thank you, I agree with you. We are saying thank you for sharing what you feel and believe. If we are triggered, than another brought something out of us, that was in there to be released. By saying thank you, we may be not only helping ourselves, but in the end, we will be helping another. Because we are human, we have egos. We all have one. And it is our egos that keep us fighting with one another. Our egos are not our souls. Our egos are not our true nature. So maybe, just maybe, none of what we throw at each other, is what we think it is. For no matter what floor we are on, there is a rose colored glass. And it is beautiful. And that is how we can see it.
We live on a beautiful planet. We have beautiful children being born every day. We have beautiful forests, and animals and we have beautiful human beings with amazing creative minds. We have amazing people doing amazing things each and every day for one another. Is that how we all see our wold? If not, we need to ask ourselves why.
“Let us not seek to satisfy our thirst for freedom by drinking from the cup of bitterness and hatred. We must forever conduct our struggle on the high plane of dignity and discipline.”  Martin Luther King, Jr.

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