Intuitive Healing Sessions

Individual Readings and Healings


As an empath, medium and certified Reiki Level II practitioner with a Masters in Psychology and Wellness Coaching Certificate, I offer one on one Intuitive Healing Sessions. I am guided through a powerful connection as information streams through me in the form of words, imagery, ideas and an intuitive knowing. The energy in the form of information flows through me facilitating healing on many levels.

Powerful healing sessions promote personal changes by uncovering unconscious patterns that keep us stuck, while addressing challenge areas in your life. Imbalance can occur within our finances, relationships, health, spirituality, work, and play.

Prolonged imbalance can lead to dis-ease, anxiety, overwhelm, procrastination, irrational fear, self-sabotage, and many more unhealthy behavioral patterns. Working individually with me will help bring the body, mind and heart back into balance, allowing you to return to the natural flow of life.

Pet Readings and Healings

Pet Soul Readings and Healings

Connect with a pet who is currently sharing your life or has passed. Pet readings can bring forth powerful information about our soul contracts with our pets and their purpose in our life. Whether you want to reconnect with a pet who has passed, receive clarity on a decision to help a pet cross over or wish to receive a general reading with your beloved pet, a Pet Reading can be healing for both your self and your pet on many levels.

Our pets are on their own journey. Healings for your pet that is currently having a physical imbalance or behavioral challenge will bring forth an emotional healing for both your self and your pet.

What should I expect from an intuitive healing session?

We will text message for 30 or 60 minutes and I will receive information about your loved ones, your pets and your self. I connect with your soul, and/or the soul of a loved one or beloved pet who is here in this life or has passed. This intuitive imagery, words and feelings I transmit leads to your healing of unconscious patterning, blocks and grief.

I have found that text messaging is the quickest way to receive, bypassing the mind’s resistance we often feel at a face to face encounter.

How will I feel after a session?

Our bodies and minds are inherently connected. Allow your body time to adjust and process the new information. Be gentle with yourself after receiving your reading. Drink water and rest to enable your mind and body to process all that is received.

How will we connect?

All sessions are done through text messaging.  There are 30 and 60 minute options available. 

Prices for sessions:

30 minutes – $50.00

60 minutes – $75.00

All sessions need to be prepaid. Please use link: Paypal

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