Has your life become unmanageable because of stress? Do you feel broken, lost, or unhappy?

Through my spiritual journey, psychological study, intuitive guidance, and life work, I have found that the root to all unhappiness falls into three categories:

1. Thoughts/beliefs

2. Feelings

3. Connection

Often our health, career, life balance and relationships are compromised when we become stuck in one or all of these areas.  We become separated from our true selves – who we really are and what we came here to do.

Many of us have been conditioned to adhere to false beliefs, avoid painful feelings or have become disconnected from a higher source – all creating the notion that we are not enough. This confusion or lack of worthiness creates a hole deep within, that many fill with a need for outside approval, distractions and drama. In the end, we find ourselves disconnected from all that is loving, whole and good.

I utilize my intuitive gifts to connect with your mind, body and soul. I work with you to  pinpoint which of these three areas is creating the most stress, and help you to you find more joy and peace in your life. I lead you back to yourself, where you come to remember the truth that you are good, loving and compassionate. I help you return to wholeness and reconnect with the pieces of yourself that have been long forgotten.

Just beyond our discomfort zone is everything we can want out of life. You are worth it.

All sessions are done through Skype or phone.  There are 30, 60 and 90 minute options available. There are options as well to write a question via email and receive guidance, healing and support in writing, if this is preferable.

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Prices for sessions:

30 minutes – $33.00

60 minutes – $66.00

90 minutes – $99.00

Email Questions:

1-2 questions – $33.00

All sessions need to be prepaid. Please use link: Paypal