You share your beautiful words with others so willingly. I hope all people, near and far, delve deep into the beauty of Beth’s somewhat simple words, put so perfectly & beautifully together. I find strength and motivation in your words. Yet I also find calm and serenity in your words. When I’m really blessed, I find all of things in the same sentence. You’re so beautifully gifted and selfless to share with others.” – Sandy B., Roanoke, VA.

“Your blog post today was just beyond words. I can relate so much to everything you write. Keep writing and sharing your beautiful gift.” Joanne S., Florida

Your post really touched me. The substance of your posts really hit home. Keep on being you.” – Maureen C., Chatham, NJ

“Beautiful!! Your open heart is a gift to us all. Thank you for opening my eyes.” – Wendy S, Los Angeles, CA

“Thanks for sharing your wisdom, humor, and tears Beth! You’re a wonderful model for us all!” Nancie T. Pennsylvania